Our Mission


People have asked us, why do we hunt ghost. We believe that several paranormal groups today want to gather evidence and show it off. Our group doesn't just gather evidence; we want to understand why spirits have remained on earth. We seek out answers about; who they are, their past, and if there is something we can do to help them pass on, if they want to pass on at all. There are times when spirits can be a problem. They like to play games or harass the residence. When this happens, we do what we can to eliminate the problem.


Some believe that spirits remain on earth because they have unfinished business, we have learned that is partially true. There are so many reasons why sprits remain earthbound and we want to know why. At the same time, we ask questions to further educate ourselves.

There is so much to discover about the paranormal. Gathering evidence is the easy part, understanding them is the challenge.


All investigations are free! Donations are accepted and appreciated but not required.

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 Sorry, you won't find: paranormal investigation photos, EVPs, video or audio clips, or even bios about the team on this site. This is not an entertainment site! What you will find is a sincere commitment to try and help those in need, both the living and those who have passed.